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Faculty Handbook

This handbook contains the By-laws of the Faculty and summarizes the most important principles, policies, and administrative procedures of the Institute concerning the faculty and academic staff. It may be modified from time to time by special memoranda as revisions or additions become necessary.

Access to the Faculty Handbook is restricted to on-campus network connections. Off-campus users can access the handbook using VPN with tunnel-all option enabled.

The Faculty Handbook is available in PDF format only. In order to view or print the PDF version of the Faculty Handbook you will need to use Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you need to, please download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you have problems installing the software, please contact the people who normally provide you with technical support.

Download the complete 2024 Faculty Handbook


CHAPTER 1  The California Institute of Technology
The History of the Institute
Educational Policies and Objectives
Off-Campus Facilities

CHAPTER 2  The Faculty
Responsibility of the Faculty
Bylaws of the Faculty

CHAPTER 3  Obligations and Tenure of Faculty Members
Academic Tenure
Statement on Tenure
Additional Tenure Matters
The Standards for Notice
Salary and Residence of Faculty Members

CHAPTER 4  Faculty, Postdoctoral Scholar, and Staff Appointments
Employment Policies and Affirmative Action
Administrative Appointments of Faculty Members
Administrative Committees
Emeritus Faculty Members
Research Faculty
          Research Professors
          Research Assistant Professors
          Faculty Associates and Senior Faculty Associates
Teaching Faculty
          Teaching Professors
          Teaching Assistant Professors
Visiting Members of the Faculty
          Visiting Professors
          Visiting Associates
Faculty Records Office
Other Members of Staff of Research, Instruction, and Professional Service
          Postdoctoral and Senior Postdoctoral Scholars
          Insurance Coverage for Visitors
          Foreign National Visitors
          Visitor Entitlements and Restrictions
          Graduate Student Assistants
          Members of the Professional Staff, Members of the Beckman
               Institute, and Librarians
Staff Employees
Grievance Procedures
          Informal Procedures
          Formal Requests for Consideration of a Grievance
Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee Guidelines

CHAPTER 5  Retirement, Leaves, Vacations, and Holidays
Professorial Faculty Retirement Options
          Privileges of Emeritus Professors
          Overview of Retirement Transition Options
          Other Information
Non-Tenured Faculty
Scholarly Leave of Absence for Professorial Faculty Members
Sick Leave
Disability; Child-bearing Leave; Child-Care Leave; Paid Parental Leave
Vacations and Holidays

CHAPTER 6  Insurance and Related Matters
Retirement Annuity Plan
TIAA-CREF Investments
Voluntary Tax-Deferred Retirement Plans
Additional Information
Survivor Benefit Policy

CHAPTER 7  Administrative Policies and Procedures
Caltech Policy on Research Misconduct
          Rights and Responsibilities
          Research Integrity Officer
          Responsibility to Report Misconduct
          Confidentiality, Retaliation, and Damage to Reputation
          The Assessment of the Allegation
          The Inquiry
          The Investigation
          Interim Administrative Action and Reporting
          Completion of Cases
          Obligations to and Actions by Sponsors
Candidacy for Public Office
Classified Work on Campus
Controlled Unclassified Information
Conflict of Interest, Conflict of Commitment, and Technology Transfer
          General Principles
          Principles and Rules Concerning Investigator Responsibilities
          Rules Concerning Patent Rights and Research Support
Consulting Activities
          On-Campus Activities Outside the Line of Duty
          Off-Campus Teaching
Environmental Health and Safety
Gifts to the Institute
Lobbying and Political Endorsements
Patent Policy
Procedure for Acquiring New Facilities
Protection of Human Subjects
          Costs of Publications
          Depositing Publications
Research Involving Vertebrate Animals
Royalties and Copyrights
Authorship Disputes
          Avoiding Authorship Disputes
          Resolving Authorship Disputes
Sponsored Research and Other Sponsored Activities
          Policies Governing Sponsored Research
          Procedures for Submitting Proposals and for Accepting Awards
Taping of Public Speeches
          Method of Transportation
          Travel to Meetings
          Travel on Institute Business
          Travel Chargeable to Special Funds and Government Agreements
Tuition Exemption
Use of the Institute's Name
Institute Policies

CHAPTER 8  Policies Relating to Students
Absence Reports
Auditing Courses
Course Changes
Faculty Responsibilities for Students
Faculty/Student Relations
Guidelines for the Graduate Student-Faculty Advisor Relationship
Field Trips
The Honor System
Length of Classes
Overloading of Students
Scholastic Grading
Senior Ditch Day
Summer Research

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