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New Appointment Information

Welcome to Caltech!  On this page you will find the information you need to begin your Professorial or Moore Distinguished Scholar appointment.  Below are links to download the required check-in forms, submit your eligibility for employment, complete your federal and state tax forms and more.  Please scroll down the page to find the information you need to get started.

Check-in forms

Select the links below to download the fillable PDFs of the required check-in forms.  There is a Submit feature on the form that will set up an email to forward the form directly to the Faculty Records Office. Use the Submit feature before you save the form.  You will be able to save a copy for your records after the form has been submitted.  If the Submit feature does not function, or if the forms are not accessible, please send an email to and we will send you the forms by email.

Equal Employment Opportunity Disclosure
Faculty Information Form
Veteran Invitation to Self-Identify
Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability
Survivor Benefit Policy and Beneficiary form (Professorial appointments only)

Visiting Scientist Patent and Copyright Agreement (Moore Distinguished Scholars only)

There will be additional on-boarding items to complete at the start of your appointment.  We will send you instructions to access these items once your appointment has been activated.

Optional forms - not required for check-in

Athenaeum Membership Application
Bursar's Office Personal Account Application

For Paid Appointments Only

Employment Verification

All paid employees must complete and submit Section-1 of Form I-9 to verify your identity and employment eligibility. 

Click here to go to the Caltech Equifax log-in page to complete and submit your form. Note, by selecting this link you will be leaving this page.  Once you have completed Section-1, please send a confirmation email to the Faculty Records Office at

Tax Withholding Forms

The forms below are the current tax withholding forms for the State of California and the Internal Revenue Service.  For your convenience, you can fill out the withholding forms now and return them to the Faculty Records Office ( prior to the start of your paid appointment (for security purposes, please omit your SSN on the form).

DE-4 form (state withholding)
W-4 form (federal withholding)
Note on completing the W-4 form: the allowances will automatically populate when the filing status is chosen.  To enter a specific number of allowances, you will need to print the form and enter the allowances manually.
Click here to visit the Caltech Withholding Toolbox if you need assistance completing the W-4 withholding form.

Caltech Access Account and Email Address and ID Card

If your Caltech Access account or email address has not been set up for you at this time, please email the Faculty Records Office at to request set-up and include the following information (note: Usernames must be 3 to 8 characters in length):

  • Contact Information: (Telephone number and current e-mail address)
  • Desired Username #1:
  • Desired Username #2:
  • Desired Username #3:
  • Desired E-mail alias:  ………

Caltech ID

To order your Caltech Academic Faculty ID please refer to the guidelines for photo submission and email your photo for your ID to